Sunday, October 2, 2011

a little catch-up

I've been absent for a while and life has quickly kept on! Here is a random catch up of our last 2 weeks. :)

My former co-worker, Kaila, got married last weekend! I drove to the wedding with a friend and it was so lovely!
Here are the buckets she had out for bottled water. I made the vinyl for the buckets! :)

Cute centerpieces! I looove gerber daisies!
Congratulations Derek and Kaila!

Flu Shot
I got my flu shot last Wednesday!
 We already had our first flu patient at work at the beginning of September, so I decided as soon as they started offering the flu shot at work, I'd be getting mine!
This was my first flu shot that HURT! The lady mashed on my arm before she gave it saying she was "massaging my nerve, so it won't hurt so bad." Reeeally? 
Well it didn't work. And then she "massaged" it again after giving the shot. Who does that??? And then it was sore for 4 days! 
Anyways, last year's didn't hurt at all, so I know it depends on the person who does it. 
Soo...get your flu shot!

I won my first blog give-away from Saving Money, Living Life! I won a prize pack from Carmex! 
(Random, I know. But I'm a chapstick addict.)

This weekend we spend Friday night in Dallas at Chris' parents house. Friday night we went out to eat and watched Rio. Cute movie! (At least the first 5 minutes were...I may have fallen asleep after that...)
Saturday we got up and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the A&M/Arkansas game. You probably know how THAT turned out. Blagh. 

Then Saturday night Chris and I met some friends at the House of Blues in Dallas for an awesome David Crowder Band concert!
David Crowder Band. This is their last tour. They are SO good live!

Gungor opened for DCB and it was an unbelievable performance. Hands down the best acoustic set Chris and I have ever witnessed. 
The guy on the right is Kevin Olusola and is currently on the sing-off! His group is Pentatonix. You can listen to them here. He has sick skills!!
But really, as a group they were AMAZING. 

You may recognize this song of theirs.

We picked up their "Beautiful Things" album before we left and it did not disappoint!

We drove back from Dallas last night and are back home and ready for the week! 
Come back tomorrow for a giveaway with my Etsy store, HouseOfShep!

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