Saturday, October 15, 2011

it's a neice!

My middle sister, Katy and her fiancé, Cody are 19 weeks pregnant this week. On Monday they had their 'big' ultrasound to find out if we'll have a new niece or nephew! Katy, Cody, me and my mom all went to the appointment. Instead of having the doc tell us what he saw, we had him write down the sex and put it in a sealed envelope, which we delivered to our cousin, Angela, to make the cupcakes.

delivering the envelope! (we couldn't see through it...not. that. we. tried.)

The theme for the party was "Waddle it be?" 
This is the banner I made with my Silhouette.

And the cupcakes! I also made the duck cupcake toppers with my Silhouette with my mom's help.
We dropped off blue and pink sweethearts for Angela to add to the cupcakes depending on which one the baby was!
All the pretty details!
We had a chalkboard right inside the door for guests to make their boy/girl guess. 
The green chalkboard we made! It was a repurposed calendar holder. We spray painted the border white and the inside spray painted chalkboard paint.

ducky diaper cake :)

Time for the reveal! 
We gave everyone a cupcake and all took a bite at the same time!!

Here is the note that the doctor had sealed in the envelope.

Me and Katy :) 

Katy is due March 7 and I'm so excited that we will have a niece soon! We have 2 nephews on Chris' side, so this is super exciting!! Can't wait to meet baby Brooklynn!!!!!
Cody and Katy actually got engaged at the party too! 
So I will have a brother-in-law soon too! So happy for both of them. :D

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