Monday, June 28, 2010

our house -- part 2

Here are the pictures I promised! Here's our kitchen/dining room/living room/laundry room.

New faucet that Chris installed. (Have I mentioned how incredibly impressed I've been at his handiness?)

Dining room. This is the view from the kitchen. Door goes to outside patio. The living room is on the left and a wall of windows is on the right.

From the kitchen looking into the living room. Front door is down the hall in the top left of the picture. Dining room is on the right of the picture.

Lovely pantry!!!!

Awesome turntable! (Scout wanted to sneak into the pic.)

Laundry room. Door goes out to garage. On a side note...we found this washer on Craig's List for $25!! The guy said it had a broken pump because it had been leaking. But my handyman husband was able to fix it (without replacing the pump) for less than $30!
Living room.

There's Scout sneaking in the picture again. (He is the epitome of the phrase "follows me around like a puppy dog." Where I am, he is!)

New fan that Chris installed.

That's all for now! We're still working on getting the guest bedroom and office the way we like it. So I'll post more pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

our house -- part 1

I'm finally uploading some pictures of the house. Today I'm just going to post pictures of the master bedroom and I'll continue to post more in the next few days.

Chris and Cody working on taking the fan down.

When you first walk in the bedroom... that's the master bathroom through the doorway on the right.
new fan!
Eventually we are going to get a night stand for the left side of the bed and put a chair in the corner by one of the windows.

In the next few weeks we're going to mount the TV on the wall space across from the bed.

Stay tuned for next post....the kitchen!

our silly pup

Scout is loving the new house and was in such a silly mood yesterday. I don't know if all Malteses have similar personalities, but he has so much of one!!

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