Tuesday, April 24, 2012

easter weekend {2012}

Chris and I spent Easter weekend at my parents house. We really had a great few days away and it was nice to see my family! 

My parents' house. I lived here from 6th grade until I graduated high school. So many precious memories here!

I had a rush Etsy order that I had to bring with me to work on. I had a very inquisitive helper!

We spent a couple hours Saturday afternoon serving lunch to the homeless

Sweet baby girl Brooklynn! I had taken a lot of pictures of her already, so maybe this one was telling me to stop?? 

Love those cheeks!

Soo much cuteness!!

They both "helped" make dinner. Addi was a much bigger help than Brooklynn!

our little Aggie neice :)

Scout looved roaming the pasture with my parents' dog, Bentley
He got into these stickers all weekend!

Chris got to try out my dad's zero-turn mower

pretty girls :)

Easter Sunday we went to church, ate Mexican food and then Chris and I had to drive back home early afternoon.

My proud parents with their grandaughter

Me & Chris, Becca (youngest sis), Katy (middle sister) and her husband, Cody

Ahhhh melt my heart!

But this is even better... husband, not helping the baby fever!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

my week in photos

Here's what was on my phone this week...

playing with my washi tape from pick your plum

spent a few days taking these every 6 hours. still have a little cough this week, but glad I'm feeling much better!

someone charted this about my patient at work. dooon't think that's really what they meant! haha
{since most of my patients are kids, we always document if the parents are involved in care...I'm assuming this nurse meant to say "mom and dad active in care" oops!}

we started this book in our married small group this week. first 2 chapters were great and I'm really looking forward to continue reading!

we had a special house guest this weekend! 
this is Sage. we dog-sat for a friend this weekend. Isn't she so precious? she's full grown and so tiny!

wipes case I made with my silhouette!

Lots and lots of work has gone on in our master bathroom reno in the past few weeks! I'm hoping to do a post updating the status soon. We have some more work to go, but it's coming along!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my attempt at being photographer

After Brooklynn was born, my sister had a newborn photo-shoot scheduled at 1 week. The photographer ended up getting the flu or something and couldn't come. Soo...my mom and I decided to try our take at being the photographer. We had looked around on Pinterest and found some cute pictures we loved of newborns. 
And then we got started...

{just a disclaimer...I took yearbook for 3 years in high school. That's basically the extent of my photographer knowledge. My parents have a really nice Canon camera which makes the pictures better...but ultimately, I do not know what I'm doing! I know that natural light is necessary for good pictures...so that's what we did.}

Some of them turned out really good! If you could have seen the ways I was maneuvering around on the floor and around her to get that "perfect" shot, you would all be laughing at me right now. Not to mention, we had turned the heater way up in the house to make Brooklynn happy. I was a hot mess. Literally.
When Chris and I have gotten our pictures taken, Lauren always makes it look so easy. Yeah, well I learned that some people are cut out for it and some are not! haha

But Brooklynn did have the last word in this photoshoot. We were trying to get a shot similar to this one...
Major fail.
As you can see, she didn't like that. So she pooped. Then she cried. So Nana picked her up to calm her. Then she relieved her FULL bladder all down Nana's shirt, pants, legs.
Yall, I was rolling laughing. We all were. (Except Brooklynn...as you can see!)
I will say baby poop/pee is so much easier to clean up than adult's! (...the nurse in me...)

So overall, we got some really cute pictures out of this session, but I can say I will leave the photography to the professionals! :) Lauren, your job is NOT in jeopardy by me!

Monday, April 16, 2012

my week in photos

Most of you have seen that Instagram is now on Android. Well I have taken full advantage of it and used it multiple times a day!! 
You can follow me! @leishashepperd

Here is the past 7 days in pictures...

me and Chris on Easter Sunday 
(I'll be back later this week to recap our Easter weekend)

Scout snuggling with his giraffe (I may or may not have tucked it under his arm!)

We were Chris was in total bathroom remodel mode this week. We spent some time at the bathroom showplace to pick out our faucets, lavatory, shower head, etc. So many choices!

I took Scout on a walk. All he does is pee on every. single. mailbox.
Mr. Peemeister. :)

Delicious snack trio! Wheat thins, colby jack cheese and grapes.

I worked dayshift this past week, so I would get up around 5:30am. The second day, Scout came in the closet while I was putting on my makeup and just stared at me. It cracked me up..I'm sure he was thinking "come on mom, why the heck are we up soo early!"

When we go through the bank drive-thru they always send a treat for Scout if they see him with me. He acted soo excited this time! I guess he was just excited because there was activity with the tube, but it sure seemed like he knew he was getting a treat! :)

I spent some time at the Softball Complex on Saturday watching the Aggies play and listening to Chris announce.

Most. Amazing. Dessert. Ever.
Ok, maybe not ever. But it's pretty darn delicious. It's called ice cream sandwich cake and you can find the details here.

Last night Chris and I treated ourselves to Chili's. It was yummy as usual! We enjoyed some free skillet queso with the coupon we used.

I'm linking up with Jenni

Happy Monday y'all!!
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