Monday, April 23, 2012

my week in photos

Here's what was on my phone this week...

playing with my washi tape from pick your plum

spent a few days taking these every 6 hours. still have a little cough this week, but glad I'm feeling much better!

someone charted this about my patient at work. dooon't think that's really what they meant! haha
{since most of my patients are kids, we always document if the parents are involved in care...I'm assuming this nurse meant to say "mom and dad active in care" oops!}

we started this book in our married small group this week. first 2 chapters were great and I'm really looking forward to continue reading!

we had a special house guest this weekend! 
this is Sage. we dog-sat for a friend this weekend. Isn't she so precious? she's full grown and so tiny!

wipes case I made with my silhouette!

Lots and lots of work has gone on in our master bathroom reno in the past few weeks! I'm hoping to do a post updating the status soon. We have some more work to go, but it's coming along!!



Kristen Danielle said...

What a cute puppy!!

How are you liking the marriage group? That sounds interesting...

Krista Todd said...

Can't wait to see more on the master bath, looks great so far!

Holly said...

LOL at the comment on the chart at work! What in the world were they trying to say!? Hahaha!

Janna Bogert said...

What a cute little pup...I wouldn't know what to do with a dog that small! I bet your bathroom is going to be awesome. PS. I wanna know what they did mean to put on that chart! Too funny!

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