Monday, April 16, 2012

my week in photos

Most of you have seen that Instagram is now on Android. Well I have taken full advantage of it and used it multiple times a day!! 
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Here is the past 7 days in pictures...

me and Chris on Easter Sunday 
(I'll be back later this week to recap our Easter weekend)

Scout snuggling with his giraffe (I may or may not have tucked it under his arm!)

We were Chris was in total bathroom remodel mode this week. We spent some time at the bathroom showplace to pick out our faucets, lavatory, shower head, etc. So many choices!

I took Scout on a walk. All he does is pee on every. single. mailbox.
Mr. Peemeister. :)

Delicious snack trio! Wheat thins, colby jack cheese and grapes.

I worked dayshift this past week, so I would get up around 5:30am. The second day, Scout came in the closet while I was putting on my makeup and just stared at me. It cracked me up..I'm sure he was thinking "come on mom, why the heck are we up soo early!"

When we go through the bank drive-thru they always send a treat for Scout if they see him with me. He acted soo excited this time! I guess he was just excited because there was activity with the tube, but it sure seemed like he knew he was getting a treat! :)

I spent some time at the Softball Complex on Saturday watching the Aggies play and listening to Chris announce.

Most. Amazing. Dessert. Ever.
Ok, maybe not ever. But it's pretty darn delicious. It's called ice cream sandwich cake and you can find the details here.

Last night Chris and I treated ourselves to Chili's. It was yummy as usual! We enjoyed some free skillet queso with the coupon we used.

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Happy Monday y'all!!


Holly said...

How adorable is the photo of Scout with the giraffe!? Definitely made me smile :)

Purposely at Home said...

haha! that one of scout's reflection at the drive thru made me smile....:)

yay! i'm following you on glad you joined in the fun. :)


Holly said...

Colby Jack cheese and Wheat Thins is probably one of my favorite snacks, ever. I'll have to try grapes with it next time!

I don't know about you, but shopping for fixtures makes my head spin. Soooo many choices!

Shannon B said...

That picture of Scout and the giraffe is SOOOO cute!!! And that dessert.... yum. (P.S. I followed you on Instagram! I am shamish.)

Courtney*Cakes said...

What a great week!
Loved looking at all the pictures.

Jamie Bishop said...

That dessert looks AMAZING!!!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

All your food pics are making my hungry!!! And, your pup is adorable! I am so happy Instagram is finally available to those of us with Android, yayyyy!


Hilary Lane said...

Yay! Following you now. :-) @cuhil

Anonymous said...

How adorable Scout snuggling with his giraffe.

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