Thursday, December 29, 2011

sister got married!

I'm only..uhh..a month and a half late, but my middle sister got MARRIED last month!! 
They got hitched on 11-11-11. I bet they'll never forget their anniversary!
It was a small ceremony at the courthouse, and perfect for them. My sister, Katy, looked beautiful and I am glad to have a new brother-in-law! :)

Me and my sisters, Katy and Becca

dad and katy

This is the only picture you would know she's 23.5 weeks pregnant!!

Our family.

After the ceremony, we ate a nice dinner at a little cafe near the courthouse.
So so so happy for them! :) ...just wished they lived closer to us now..

me and baby sister Becca

Their yummy wedding cake!

Congratulations Katy and Cody!! :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

our fluff ball

I have some random pictures of Scout that I need to dump so I don't forget about them! 
I know it's kind of silly to love our sweet puppy so much and have a bajillion pictures of him, but he's kind of our kid until we decide to start a (people) family!
So bear with me. :)

Over Thanksgiving we had our full size mattress down in the office for family to sleep on and I had to improvise since I haven't put curtains in I used a shower curtain! This is how I found Scout one day. Under the curtain trying to see the cul-de-sac! :)

I love this picture.
I had driven home for maybe 5 minutes to drop something off. I left the car door and the house door open because I was literally running in and leaving again. I got to talking to Chris for a few minutes and realized that Scout was quiet. Too quiet. I went outside and found him IN the car licking my grilled cheese wrapper (that I had already eaten, thankfully!). But how can you be mad at that face!?

And AGAIN with Scout's obsession with Chapstick. He loves it. This is probably stick number 5 or 6. And my bare minerals brushes...maybe he was hoping it would taste like chapstick? These were all in the same afternoon. I had less trouble being mad at him this day!!

This is my view sometimes when I wake up in the morning. He's so great about sleeping in until we get up. He likes to sleep late just like we do (only when we are home and normal routine). Usually if he hears us stir or if Chris and I say something to each other, he'll streeeetch out of his crate and come say good morning. :)

Our our way home from Longview a few weeks ago. Has to be in my lap. Spoiled much?

Trying out the photobooth on the iPad Chris got yesterday!!!! hahaha, I think he looks like a cat, my dad said a racoon!!

After many days of family and wrestling with dog cousins, here he is tonight. Been laying like this for several hours. (does that tell you how long I've been sitting here in bed?? ha)

Sometimes we think we want another dog. But then we have (another) $180 vet bill, like today, and are happy with the puppy we have!! --He has another ear infection, yeast this time. Starting drops and defluffing the inside of his ears next time he goes to the groomer!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

thirteen point one

Last Sunday Chris ran his first half marathon!
I'm not a runner. Or athletic, at all. So I was his cheerleader. :)

The start time was 7am, so we were there at 6:15...AM. Early. (and COLD!)

I was able to drive around and see him at mile 3, 6ish, 9ish and the finish! Most of my pictures came out blurry though.

He did AWESOME. I am so proud of him for finishing and finishing well

He's hoping the run the full marathon next year.
That's crazy talk to me. But I know he can do it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

santa's little helper

I'm baaaack! For today at least!

This month has been for House of Shep!
It's definitely a blessing, but I also wasn't really expecting it, so it's been difficult for me to balance working full time, being a wife and all the orders that have come in.

Thankfully, my husband is wonderful.
He has been working as hard (or harder!) as I have to get these orders out. 

This is where we started in late November. 
My cousin ordered 50 canvases for teachers at her work, all "Joy" themed.

And all of these are from other people that have placed special orders this month.

I'm hoping to get some of these posted on Etsy sometime next month. :)

Happy Tuesday yall! :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ornament swap reveal

Today we are revealing the ornaments we got from the Ornament Swap!!
I'm linking up with Megan and Julie, where you can go see all the pretty ornaments!

There were a LOT of people that signed up. I don't know exactly how many, but my guess is about 100. I knew 2 other people in real life that signed up. 
I got paired with one of them. :)
I met Leslie at the first church we went to in College Station. She and her husband were in our newlywed Sunday school class. Since then, they had an adorable baby and moved to Tennessee!

 I love this ornament she sent me!
 I've always loved snowmen AND glitter!!! So this fits me perfectly and looks great on our tree!
Thanks so much Leslie! :)
Want to see the ornaments I sent her?!

I just love Christmas time. :D

Monday, November 28, 2011


Good morning!!
I'm hoping this will give you a smile this morning...
Someone posted this on my facebook wall and said they looked like Scout.
For some reason I thought these were HILARIOUS and laughed out loud for a minute or so. 
Chris thought they were a little creepy.
(this is NOT a picture of Scout. I'm not sure where the picture came from to give it proper credit)

Aren't they CUTE though!?!?! 

Think they look like Scout?

Have a great Monday!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

what's been going on // part two

I'm back with round two of what's been going on in the Shepperd household.
Check this out if you missed part one yesterday.

Christmas shopping
I am happy to say we are about 80% done with our Christmas shopping. This has never happened in my lifetime! It's exciting that we will be able to enjoy December without having to worry about a lot of last minute shopping. //This picture was taken while we were looking for Kaden's gift. He loves spiderman!

the sing-off
Chris and I love this show.
Our favorite group is Pentatonix.
The guy on the left, Kevin, was part of Gungor when we saw them in concert last we were a little partial to them anyways, but Oh. Em. Gee. they are AWESOME. Please take a moment and listen one of the songs they did last night. Sick!

Scout got a bath
I don't do this very often. He's very fluffy and gets matted somewhat easy. We get him groomed about every 6-8 weeks and usually I would just rather pay the extra $8 for the groomer to "de-mat" him because it's just not worth it to hold him down and brush him. He hates it. But...since we are having family over the next few nights, I decided to make him pretty handsome on my own. 
So he got a bath. AND got completely brushed out. AND we are still friends. :)

shopping for Thanksgiving
I took a picture because Chris and I were proud of our fruits and veggies! 
I know it doesn't seem like much...but we are super picky and eat hardly any veggies. We are hosting Thanksgiving and wanted to be prepared for dinner and our guests! :)
So I think you should be pretty much caught up with our life! 
I'm grateful I was able to get off work for Thanksgiving but then I work Fri, Sat, Sun nights.

On that note...I'm planning a post answering the frequent questions I get about working nights. 
Do you have any specific questions about being a nurse on night shift or night shift in general???

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what's been going on // part one

one word disclaimer

here is what's been going on lately with the Shepperds...

big HouseofShep Christmas order
Chris and I have been working on a BIG order that my cousin placed! She needs 50 Christmas gifts with the theme "Joy" for the employees at her work, so we are doing canvases! Here's a peak at a few of the designs. They will be debuting in my Etsy store soon, and I will be giving one away when I hit 100 followers. Can't wait!! :)

Aggie Women's Basketball
Basketball season has started up again and for the first game, the championship banner was presented. Chris went to the presentation since it's kind of a big deal and since he was THERE when they won the Championship!
On Sunday we both went to the game against Mississippi State. The girls are looking good so far this year, so we are hoping for another amazing season!

Christmas stockings
We have been married for 2 Christmases already and still didn't have stockings! I guess I'm really picky and just didn't want to pay a fortune for stockings that hang for one month out of the year. on GroopDealz they had cute personalized stockings for only $15! So I bought two! Go here to get your own!

sister wrecked her car
Last Monday, Becca, my youngest sister, (the one lives in the same town as us) wrecked and totaled her car outside of our subdivision. I'm grateful that it was close to our house and that Chris was home and able to come to her. Also glad all she had was a few bruises and some soreness. My Mazda is on loan to her until further notice, so we've been a one car family for a week! 

Check back in tomorrow morning with PART TWO of updates from the Shepperds :D
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