Thursday, December 29, 2011

sister got married!

I'm only..uhh..a month and a half late, but my middle sister got MARRIED last month!! 
They got hitched on 11-11-11. I bet they'll never forget their anniversary!
It was a small ceremony at the courthouse, and perfect for them. My sister, Katy, looked beautiful and I am glad to have a new brother-in-law! :)

Me and my sisters, Katy and Becca

dad and katy

This is the only picture you would know she's 23.5 weeks pregnant!!

Our family.

After the ceremony, we ate a nice dinner at a little cafe near the courthouse.
So so so happy for them! :) ...just wished they lived closer to us now..

me and baby sister Becca

Their yummy wedding cake!

Congratulations Katy and Cody!! :)

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