Wednesday, December 28, 2011

our fluff ball

I have some random pictures of Scout that I need to dump so I don't forget about them! 
I know it's kind of silly to love our sweet puppy so much and have a bajillion pictures of him, but he's kind of our kid until we decide to start a (people) family!
So bear with me. :)

Over Thanksgiving we had our full size mattress down in the office for family to sleep on and I had to improvise since I haven't put curtains in I used a shower curtain! This is how I found Scout one day. Under the curtain trying to see the cul-de-sac! :)

I love this picture.
I had driven home for maybe 5 minutes to drop something off. I left the car door and the house door open because I was literally running in and leaving again. I got to talking to Chris for a few minutes and realized that Scout was quiet. Too quiet. I went outside and found him IN the car licking my grilled cheese wrapper (that I had already eaten, thankfully!). But how can you be mad at that face!?

And AGAIN with Scout's obsession with Chapstick. He loves it. This is probably stick number 5 or 6. And my bare minerals brushes...maybe he was hoping it would taste like chapstick? These were all in the same afternoon. I had less trouble being mad at him this day!!

This is my view sometimes when I wake up in the morning. He's so great about sleeping in until we get up. He likes to sleep late just like we do (only when we are home and normal routine). Usually if he hears us stir or if Chris and I say something to each other, he'll streeeetch out of his crate and come say good morning. :)

Our our way home from Longview a few weeks ago. Has to be in my lap. Spoiled much?

Trying out the photobooth on the iPad Chris got yesterday!!!! hahaha, I think he looks like a cat, my dad said a racoon!!

After many days of family and wrestling with dog cousins, here he is tonight. Been laying like this for several hours. (does that tell you how long I've been sitting here in bed?? ha)

Sometimes we think we want another dog. But then we have (another) $180 vet bill, like today, and are happy with the puppy we have!! --He has another ear infection, yeast this time. Starting drops and defluffing the inside of his ears next time he goes to the groomer!!


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