Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ornament swap reveal

Today we are revealing the ornaments we got from the Ornament Swap!!
I'm linking up with Megan and Julie, where you can go see all the pretty ornaments!

There were a LOT of people that signed up. I don't know exactly how many, but my guess is about 100. I knew 2 other people in real life that signed up. 
I got paired with one of them. :)
I met Leslie at the first church we went to in College Station. She and her husband were in our newlywed Sunday school class. Since then, they had an adorable baby and moved to Tennessee!

 I love this ornament she sent me!
 I've always loved snowmen AND glitter!!! So this fits me perfectly and looks great on our tree!
Thanks so much Leslie! :)
Want to see the ornaments I sent her?!

I just love Christmas time. :D

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