Wednesday, November 28, 2012

master bathroom reveal

I'm dusting off the blog this morning and posting some pictures of our master bathroom. We worked so hard to create our dream/budget-friendly/best-for-this-space bathroom. I posted a few months ago about our vision for the bathroom. 
This was the photo we kept going back to.

The finished product has everything I love about that bathroom picture. 

Here we go...

(We still obviously need some new hand towels)

also needing something for this wall...

I love this little gem we found at Ikea! We were undecided on cabinet storage but knew we needed SOME kind of drawers. This is actually a 4 drawer unit, but the 4th drawer wouldn't fit. So we left out the 4th drawer and dropped in the unit before we laid the granite countertops. This thing is here for good!

In case you're wondering...there's no door. We've had questions about it being cold while taking a shower, but it really isn't. I stay under the water for my shower anyways. SOMETIMES there is a draft but it's totally worth it to have this shower.

Others have asked about water coming out of the shower. Yes, it does splash out some. The threshold catches most of it and we have a rug down that absorbs the rest. 

Overall we love love love it. I'm proud to say Chris did a LOT of the work and we had great help from several people. So happy with it! :)

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