Saturday, May 28, 2011

I miss my husband.

I miss my husband.

These past two weeks have been busy and weird.
Last week I worked FIVE nights in a row. I usually see Chris before I go in to work, but typically it's only about an hour or two. So when I work several nights in a row, we don't see each other a whole lot.
So I worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of last week.
Then I was home Wednesday night.
Then Thursday I left to spend the night in Austin and flew out to Nashville for the weekend on Friday. So I was gone Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and came home Monday night.
Then Tuesday morning I worked as a substitute nurse and Chris left for Arizona.
And he's been gone Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and will come back late tonight.


I'm a little excited to see him tonight!

And tomorrow we are driving to Longview to hang out with my parents for a few days.

Side note: I sometimes complain about my job, but I am so blessed to have a job that I have 4 days off every week. This allows us to go and do things like we do. And now Chris being out of school for the summer makes our schedule much more flexible!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm {loving} that I'm off work for the next 7 nights!!
(after working 5 nights in a row!)

I'm {loving} Krazy Kookie Dough ice cream!
This is one of Blue Bell's new flavors and it is sinfully good!!

I'm {loving} that I'm going to Nashville this weekend!

My best friend from high school, Alyssa, lives in Nashville and I am going to visit her with my other friend from high school, Megan.

Here is me and Alyssa in 2006. (I have many many much older more embarrassing pictures, but they are on my external hard drive that I don't have with me. So disappointing.)

Here we are on my wedding day.

Here is me and Megan in fourth grade. We were inseparable.

Megan and I at Alyssa's wedding last May. Scary that we haven't changed much, huh?

I am so grateful that I've been blessed with lifetime friends from my growing up years.

I'm {loving} 
my sweet husband.

While I'm gone this weekend, Chris will be very busy! A&M Softball is hosting the first round of post-season regionals this weekend and my PA Announcer husband is getting to announce all of them! My parents are coming in to watch the tournament.
I will miss him while I'm gone!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

a week with Kaden

We got to keep our adorable 3-year-old nephew this week.

I'm so grateful to my brother and sister-in-law for sharing him with us all by himself. :)

Kaden is 3 and a half and so stinkin cute! Chris picked him up on Monday. Kaden and Chris had a chicken nugget picnic on our back porch.

After his nap, we took him to the softball complex while Chris announced a high school playoff game. He loved being up in the press box and watching "soft-a-ball" (as he called it). Every time the crowd would clap or cheer he would ask "Whose da winner? Is it over?" But if the crowd got excited and cheered, Kaden would clap and cheer. So cute.

On Tuesday, Kaden and I took Scout to the dog park. They have a small playground at this park, so Kaden got to play too!

Tuesday afternoon we went to a different park where Kaden rode his bike and played tennis. Here's a video of him playing with Chris.

After we got home, Kaden was SOOO excited about the "water slide" we had bought the night before. It was a slip 'n slide and when we set it up he had a BLAST!!

Here is one of his first runs.

I think he enjoyed himself. :)

Wednesday we went to another park, went and made a surprise for Jennifer's birthday (his mom) and then had some people over that night.

Thursday I met Jennifer halfway and dropped him back off.
We had so much fun having him here and getting to spoil him with our time! We hope to get to do this again sometime.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

happy birthday!

Saturday was Chris' 29th birthday!

I was able to work some overtime at work on the night of the 28th, so I slept until 11am on his birthday. Then I was able to pick up a half day of substitute nurse for the rest of the afternoon. Chris had also signed up to accounce a high school playoff softball game that night! (Can you tell we are trying to get whatever money we can for our trip this summer?!) It was a busy day!

After all of our work, we celebrated with dinner at TGI Friday.

THEN, on Saturday, we went to dinner and a movie with a few of our friends.

We saw Fast Five. I have only seen the first Fast and Furious movie, and since it was in 2001, I didn't remember a whole lot about it. Just that it had a lot of guys and fast cars!
The movie was awesome though!

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. :) I love you so very much and am so blessed to celebrate this birthday with you.
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