Thursday, May 17, 2012

the one where I tried to paint the bathroom blue

On Sunday I was trying to decide between watching The Notebook or The Devil Wears Prada. Big dilemma right?

Well, I went into the guest bathroom to get some nail polish to paint my nails while I watched TV. Then I dropped the nail polish. From the height of the cabinet above the toilet. 
Yall, the bottle did not survive the fall. 

Check out the mess I made...
(btw, this picture does not even do it justice)

on the shower curtain...rugs...pile of towels...cabinet...trash can...mirror...counter...baseboard....

I could have cried.
All this happened while my husband was napping.
But what does he say when he wakes up and sees what his wife has been up to?
"You wanted to repaint anyways, didn't you?"
Haha I love that man! :)

Thankfully I bought a bottle of nail polish remover last week. But I didn't buy enough to remove nail polish in the whole bathroom! So three more bottles and several HOURS later, I fiiinally got out what I could.

Unfortunately nail polish also removes we will eventually have to repaint the wall and the baseboards...aaand replace the shower curtain, trash can and rugs.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sweet grins

My sister, brother-in-law and niece came to visit us a few weekends ago. From my pictures you would never even know Katy and Cody were here! Hopefully I'll be better about getting some pictures of all of us next time!

Here's some pictures of my precious niece! She was 9 1/2 weeks then. She's started to smile a bit when you make faces at her and I took full advantage of that. :)

We went to the A&M softball game and Brooklynn learned how to play. ;)

We were at Target and I just wanted her pic with the sunglasses but I didn't want to buy them. She did not tolerate that very long!

Oh how I love baby mohawks!

Cutest little Aggie ever!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I mailed an egg

...or actually, two eggs!

I came across this blog post where the blogger posts about mailing Easter eggs. I couldn't believe that you could just throw an Easter egg in the mail and it would actually get mailed to its recipient!
So I decided to try it! I knew my nephews would LOVE these stuffed with fun treats. My goal was to get them mailed for Easter, but I was about a week late. I don't think they minded. ;)

So here are the goods.
I found the oversized eggs in the Dollar Spot at Target around Easter time. Most of the things I filled them with were also from the Dollar Spot. I looked several places for the tattoos because I knew the boys would love those. I ended up finding them at Michaels. 

Filled and taped with packaging tape, then washi tape...since the packaging tape isn't so cute. Priorities. ;)

Ready to go! I used my account to print the postage for these, but you can easily take them into the post office and ship them.

My nephews live a little over 200 miles from us and they got them in 3 business days. I was very impressed! My sister-in-law said they were a big hit!! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

our weekend in austin

The A&M Softball team played Texas in Austin this past weekend, so Chris and I decided to make a weekend of it! 

We watched some softball...

Went to IKEA!!

Got some fun goodies there

Can you tell which scrubber I've had for much too long?? I loove the IKEA scrubbers!
I also got some storage buckets for our office.

Then we spent some time at the Outlets in Round Rock. I found some jeans that fit me! Haha, I know that sounds so silly, but being 5'10" has its challenges! Thank you Banana Republic Outlet! 

Saturday night we spent some time at the Red Poppy Festival and listened to Cody Morrow play.

Sunday was Chris' 30th birthday!! We celebrated at our favorite mexican food restaurant, Posados. We don't have a Posados in College Station, so it was a nice treat.
(anyone else love butter in your hot sauce??)

The Sunday game wasn't until 5pm, so we had a few hours to kill. We ended up just parking in a parking garage near campus and hanging out/napping/playing on our phones.
You can see I got some sun! 

It was a great relaxing weekend! Happy Birthday to my sweet husband! :)
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