Thursday, May 17, 2012

the one where I tried to paint the bathroom blue

On Sunday I was trying to decide between watching The Notebook or The Devil Wears Prada. Big dilemma right?

Well, I went into the guest bathroom to get some nail polish to paint my nails while I watched TV. Then I dropped the nail polish. From the height of the cabinet above the toilet. 
Yall, the bottle did not survive the fall. 

Check out the mess I made...
(btw, this picture does not even do it justice)

on the shower curtain...rugs...pile of towels...cabinet...trash can...mirror...counter...baseboard....

I could have cried.
All this happened while my husband was napping.
But what does he say when he wakes up and sees what his wife has been up to?
"You wanted to repaint anyways, didn't you?"
Haha I love that man! :)

Thankfully I bought a bottle of nail polish remover last week. But I didn't buy enough to remove nail polish in the whole bathroom! So three more bottles and several HOURS later, I fiiinally got out what I could.

Unfortunately nail polish also removes we will eventually have to repaint the wall and the baseboards...aaand replace the shower curtain, trash can and rugs.



Janna Bogert said...

OMG you poor thing! It looks kind of cool on the trash can, though...

. said...

So sorry! When those things happen its such a bummer but just laugh it off becuase it makes a good blog post :)
Hope you still got to paint your nails.

The Moseleys said...

Girl, I have SO had days like that. I understand. Thank goodness you were quick thinking in your clean up skills!

Holly said...

LOL oh dear! What a mess! :O
I'm glad you got rid of most of it in the end, even if it did take three bottles of nail polish remover to do it!

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