Thursday, November 2, 2017

Campbell is 2 weeks old!

At two weeks old Campbell is/has:
  • 8 pounds, 1 ounce.
  • Wearing newborn clothes and size NB diapers.
  • Sleeping very inconsistently! We've tried several different ways including bed sharing (that was awful), pack and play, rock n play, next to me on the couch and most nights ended up in my arms in the chair. Last night we actually got two 2 hour stretches with her in the Mamaroo in her room and me in my bed! Win!
  • Breastfeeding really well every 2-4 hours. She really never had any major issues with feeding which made the early days so much easier than with Landry. My milk came in on day two (such a relief!) and she struggled on day 3 or so to latch because I was so full...but we got through it. 
  • A perfect little belly button. Her cord fell off on day 12.
  • The squeakiest hiccups! She gets them about once a day or less now, but they're still pretty squeaky!
  • Been to church twice. Thankfully she was quiet through both services, although I was a little nervous she may get hiccups during church. 
  • Lots of dark hair! Everyone asks if Landry had dark hair like that, which she did. So I'm anxious to see if Campbell's will fall out and lighten up like her sister's. 
  • Definitely favors her sister, but you can tell their pictures apart for sure. 
At two weeks old Landry loves:
  • being held!
  • The mamaRoo and usually is content in the Rock N Play too
  • Having her arms out while sleeping
  • Riding in the car


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Landry is 11 months old!

She said her first word (dada) on September 8 and this picture was taken on Sept. 9. Chris asked her to say dada, and she repeated it back to him as clear as can be!

Her first wave on September 17. So so cute!


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016

Landry is 9 months old!

Baby girl is already 9 months old. It's hard to believe! She's been outside my belly as long as she was in it. The months just keep flying by. She's becoming less and less like a baby and more and more like a little girl. Life is more beautiful being her momma!

Monthly pictures have become pretty difficult. She's the biggest wiggle worm and very rarely stays in one place for long! Somehow I managed to get a few good pictures and even more not so good ones!

Height: 29 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 20lbs 7oz (82nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.75 inches (81st percentile)

Eating: We are still breastfeeding when she will sit still long enough to eat! She is eating solids twice a day and she loves anything and everything. She has lost some interest in purees since she has gotten better about picking up foods on her own. She is miss independent and wants to feed herself. She loves puffs, strawberries, frozen blueberries in her mesh feeder, bananas, watermelon, cheerios, teething biscuits, and lil Crunchies. She will eat pretty much anything we set in front of her. I did have better luck with the Gerber Lil' Bits because it has small chunks of food that keep her interested. 

Sleep: She is such a great napper now! She will go down pretty easily and usually sleep 1-2 hours. Some days I have to wake her up after 2 hours. She's taking 2 naps around 11am and 3:30pm. 
Night sleep is a different story. She will go down with no problem. But she's awake many times during the night. Most of the time she can soothe herself but then cries again an hour(ish) later. I've let her cry plenty and this really hasn't gotten better. I've been feeding 1-2 times a night. She's still sleeping in her own crib in regular PJ's now. The cutest thing! She also has grown an attachment to her lovey and will suck her thumb and hold its ear when it's handed to her. Also, so cute! 

Clothes: We are still in 9-12 months. Most of the 9 months clothes that have an elastic thigh are way too snug. The girl has thick thighs! Most of what we are wearing is 12 months.

At 9 months old she:
  • has 6 teeth!
  • wears a size 3 diaper (Pampers Baby Dry)
  • is still so serious. She will smile for mom and dad and a few others. But not much with others. And a giggle is rare! 
  • Has brown eyes
  • Is a FAST crawler! She can get wherever she wants, and quickly! She especially loves it if she's not supposed to be there! 
  • Is pulling up on anything she can. She walks a few steps along furniture
  • Never stops! Because of that she really isn't a snuggler, so I get my snuggles while she nurses. 
  • Hates having her nose/face wiped
  • Doesn't mind wearing clothes but hates getting dressed
  • Can pick up Cheerios/puffs with thumb/index finger
  • loves to copy sounds with mom and dad 
  • Doesn't like it when mom comes home from work and doesn't IMMEDIATELY come to her! 
  • puts EVERYTHING in her mouth
  • loves music. If she's fussing, I can usually sing something and she'll quietly just watch me.
  • is very observant and loves to watch people.

I came home from work one day to Landry and Chris hanging out in the front yard. She had been fussy and she LOVES being outside, so it kept her happy.

Her first top tooth broke through after she tried pulling herself up on the bedframe and fell into the wood. It bled and momma and baby cried. And then I noticed a tooth!

Her best boyfriend was born on July 13! We hung out in the waiting room until they were ready for visitors.

We went on a trip to Houston and stopped in The Container Store.

Sweet girl found her thumb on the Houston trip.


First trip to the Library

First time eating scrambled eggs. No surprise she loved them!

On Momma's birthday

Our little water baby. She loves the water!

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