Monday, March 19, 2018

Campbell is 5 months old!

Eating: Campbell eats every 3-4 hours during the day. She is SUCH a wiggle worm while she eats! Side lying nursing isn't really relaxing anymore because she's all over the place. We haven't quite gotten to the stage where she's really distracted yet, but I know it's coming! She still takes 4 4oz bottles by the Kiinde system when I'm working. I'm grateful she transitions well from nursing to bottle. 

Sleep: She has a crib! We moved Landry to her big girl bed (aka mattress on the floor) since I posted last, so Campbell sleeps in the crib now. We transitioned to the Zipadeezip around 4 months old. She had been getting her arm out of the swaddle and I knew she'd been turning over soon. Sleep has been so inconsistent and pretty terrible. She slept through the night ONE time with 10 uninterrupted hours and it was great. But usually she's up every 3-4 hours at night. Momma is ready for better sleep!! She can now turn over on her belly and then gets stuck, so most of the time she'll cry. We've been making bedtime around 8pm. She typically is a good napper for me if we are home and she has her crib and sound machine. I can almost always get at least one nap that is 2-3hrs long.

Clothes: We are in mostly 6 month clothes now. She's so long! 

Diapers: She is in size 2 diapers. We are still using Pampers diapers and wipes. 


Friday, January 19, 2018

Campbell is 3 months old!


Eating: She is still breastfeeding about every 2-4 hours day and night. I've still been feeding often during the day because she's fussy a lot. She doesn't have to burp very often and she doesn't really spit up much. We've given gas drops on occasion thinking maybe that was the reason for her being fussy. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. We still nurse side-lying sometimes. Since I went back to work this month, she takes from a bottle like a champ! We are using the Kiinde system and haven't had any issues with her liking that bottle/nipple. So far I've left 4 bottles with between 3-5 ounces when I'm working.

Sleep: We are in the SwaddleMe swaddle now and she seems to do pretty well in it. At night she is waking 1-3 times usually, most often twice. We aim for a 9pm bedtime and her morning wake time is inconsistent. I usually turn sound machine on and nurse to sleep at night. During the day she's difficult with her naps most days.  She typically naps for about 45 minutes for her first nap, and then the other naps are pretty inconsistent. Sometime 45 minutes, a few times 2-3 hours. She's still in the pack and play in her room.

Clothes: We are in 0-3 month clothes now. I love seeing her in clothes her sister wore. And some that her cousins also wore!

Diapers: She is in size 1 diapers. We are mainly in Pampers which I prefer!

She takes a MAM pacifier occasionally. I'll sometimes give it to her to get to sleep for naps, but try not to at night because I don't want her to wake up and need the paci put back in her mouth! We've moved the Mamaroo into the living room and she seems to like that a little better than the Rock & Play.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Campbell is 2 months old!

TWO months old! The first six weeks flew by so fast. But the last 2 weeks have draaaagged. We've hit a bit of a stormy patch where she's crying all the time. She can't be put down but sometimes isn't content with being held either. It's very trying for us and we hope it is a short phase!! But she's grown so quickly and we love her so much! Landry is still always asking where she is in the mornings and loves to give her kisses.

Eating: She is still breastfeeding about every 2-4 hours day and night. The last 2 weeks I feel like she's always nursing if she's awake! She usually eats more frequently when we're home. We prefer side-lying and I feel like she eats better that way. I still haven't started pumping yet. 
Sleep: We have been using the Pod and she seems to sleep well in it. We are still waking to feed every 3-4 hours though. I try to put her to bed around 9:30-10pm and our wake times vary. She's still in the pack and play and will be until Landry is transitioned out of her crib. She has NOT been napping easily. Even when held, she's super squirmy and fidgety. I've gotten a few good naps out of her when I nurse her to sleep side-lying in my bed.

Clothes: I've packed away her newborn clothes and she's into 0-3 and 3mo clothes now. She got so many new 3mo clothes!

Diapers: She is in size 1 diapers. We have some honest size 1's that I just don't like! They leak and are not soft. She's also worn Huggies, which are fine. But I still prefer Pampers Swaddlers. And Pampers wipes too! 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Campbell is 1 month old!

ONE MONTH! Fastest month ever. So many people ask how it is having two kids vs one. It's easy and it's hard and it's overwhelming. It really just depends on the day! Landry is great with her and seems to love "baby sister" very much! She's always asking about her if she's gone a little while without seeing her. She loves to try and share her goldfish with her. But when both girls are home, finding time to sit and feed Campbell has been difficult and that's typically when Landry seems to get jealous. I've made several outings with both of them and we all survived! I even took both of them to church this morning by myself and we were pretty late, but we made it with no tears! Campbell has been very easy so far. I joke about her being the easy child because she doesn't tell me no! Landry has been going to daycare during the day and I love my time with Campbell. The past few days she has preferred to be held between feedings, but the housework can wait, right?!

Eating: She breastfeeds about every 2-4 hours day and night. If we are home, she usually wants to eat more frequently, but she can stretch longer if we are out and she's in her carrier. Thankfully she breastfeeds well and we haven't had issues! I haven't started pumping for a stash yet.

Sleep: Sleep has improved the last week or so. Thanks to a sweet friend we tried the SwaddleMe Pod and she loves that. She's able to move her arms a little bit so she can keep them up by her chest but her startle reflex doesn't wake her up. I highly recommend the Pod! We also transitioned to the Pack and Play instead of the mamaRoo. This makes me feel much better because I know she's safer to sleep on a flat firm surface. She's going 3-4 hour stretches at night now. At bedtime I usually nurse her in my bed and then swaddle and put her to sleep in her bed. She sleeps with the sound machine (like the rest of us!). Naps are just wherever/whenever.

Clothes: She is still wearing newborn clothes. The weather hasn't really allowed her to wear much of her newborn long sleeve stuff. It's fun and nostalgic to see her wear some of the things her sister wore! 

Diapers: She is still in NB diapers and I still prefer Pampers Swaddlers. We are almost out of NBs though so we'll move on to size 1 soon. I tried a bunch of Honest diapers that were given to us and she leaked out of those a lot! She also had a lot of Huggies and those seem to work fine.

At 1 month old she:
  • still loves snuggling.
  • is starting to be awake more. 
  • has dark eyes. They're grey brown right now.
  • likes the Rock N Play and the mamaRoo.
  • takes a Mam pacifier sometimes, but still will often make the MOST sour face when we try to give it to her! We think it's hilarious. 
  • has really smelly poop! It's sour! Chris made a comment about it and then another friend with a baby mentioned it and I realized it's a little stinkier than most newborns! 
  • loves lying next to me or Chris in bed. 
  • is a hot box! 


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Campbell is 2 weeks old!

At two weeks old Campbell is/has:
  • 8 pounds, 1 ounce.
  • Wearing newborn clothes and size NB diapers.
  • Sleeping very inconsistently! We've tried several different ways including bed sharing (that was awful), pack and play, rock n play, next to me on the couch and most nights ended up in my arms in the chair. Last night we actually got two 2 hour stretches with her in the Mamaroo in her room and me in my bed! Win!
  • Breastfeeding really well every 2-4 hours. She really never had any major issues with feeding which made the early days so much easier than with Landry. My milk came in on day two (such a relief!) and she struggled on day 3 or so to latch because I was so full...but we got through it. 
  • A perfect little belly button. Her cord fell off on day 12.
  • The squeakiest hiccups! She gets them about once a day or less now, but they're still pretty squeaky!
  • Been to church twice. Thankfully she was quiet through both services, although I was a little nervous she may get hiccups during church. 
  • Lots of dark hair! Everyone asks if Landry had dark hair like that, which she did. So I'm anxious to see if Campbell's will fall out and lighten up like her sister's. 
  • Definitely favors her sister, but you can tell their pictures apart for sure. 
At two weeks old Landry loves:
  • being held!
  • The mamaRoo and usually is content in the Rock N Play too
  • Having her arms out while sleeping
  • Riding in the car


Thursday, October 26, 2017

Campbell's Birth Story

This was my last belly shot, at 39w5d. 
At my 39wk appointment, we scheduled my induction for 40w1d. My last day of work was 39w6d and I didn't want to be on maternity leave with no baby! Unlike Landry, Campbell didn't come the night before my scheduled induction! 

The morning of October 19, we were supposed to call the hospital at 4:30 to see if we could come in at 5:30am. When I called, they said they had just gotten a few patients and they were pretty busy and asked us to come at 6:45am instead. The nurse actually told me to go back to sleep for a little bit. Ha! Way to much going through my head to go back to sleep!! My parents had come in the night before and were planning on waking up with Landry and taking her to school then come up to the hospital.


I had scoped out who was working that day and had asked Charlotte to be my nurse.

Getting my IV started.

There was a little delay in getting my pitocin started after I got my IV. There weren't orders put in for me so we had to wait for my doctor to come up there. At [8:10am], Dr. Jansky came in and broke my water. I actually told her I wanted to wait to get my water broken after I had an epidural because I'd heard horror stories that it hurt really bad. But she told me it doesn't hurt and quickly just went for it after I agreed. It really wasn't bad at all. Mostly just pressure. I was dilated at 3-4cm at this point.


My Pitocin was hung about [9:05am]. She started it out pretty slow and came back and increased it every 30 minutes. I was told to just let her know when I was ready for my epidural. They weren't going to check me again until I got my epidural and about every 2 hrs until I got closer. 
At [9:52am] my contractions were about every 3-5 minutes but I really wasn't feeling much yet. I kept putting it off because I was so nervous it would hurt a lot since I didn't have super painful contractions to distract me. They gradually got worse and I got my epidural around [11:30am]. It really wasn't that bad! And the doctor was really nice.

This guy was so great!

At [12:12pm] I was 5cm and 80%. The anesthesiologist did an initial bolus into my epidural when it was started and my entire back was numb. Such a weird feeling!


At [2:15pm] I was 7cm and 90%. About 30 minutes later I called Charlotte back in there because I was having a TON of rectal pressure and when she checked me at [2:50pm] I was 9.5cm! She told me she'd come back in about 30 minutes to try a few pushes and see if we were ready to call Dr. Jansky.

Our pre-push selfie! 

Charlotte came back about [3:25pm] and had me push but she quickly stopped me because I was complete! She called Dr. Jansky, who had one more patient to see for the day. She went ahead and finished with that patient and came over about [3:45pm]. They quickly got everything ready and when it was time I pushed TWO TIMES! It was over so quickly! With Landry I pushed for 3 hours and I just hoping Campbell was positioned in a way that wouldn't take that long. But 2 pushes!? So awesome! She was born at [4:03pm]. 7lbs 8oz, 20.5"
Dr. Jansky sewed me up while they cleaned Campbell up and weighed her. 


She was so alert soon after delivery! I was amazed by her big eyes that stayed open.

Such a pleasant experience this time around! It really couldn't have gone any better. So grateful to have a health baby girl and excited to be a family of 4. 

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