Wednesday, June 27, 2012

an unintended blog break

The past month has been buuuuusy! Here's a few things the Shepperds have been up to...

Driving, a LOT.
In the past month between Chris and I, we've driven to Tyler/Longview, Waco, Cypress (twice), Georgetown, Temple (twice), The Woodlands, Franklin. That's at least 1300 miles between the two of us! So we've been using our friend, GPS, a lot. :)

Also found a toll road between BCS and Georgetown that has a speed limit of 80!

I spent a week as a camp nurse at Pine Cove. I'll write more (eventually) about my time there. You may remember I did this 2 summers ago.

I spent a day at home after camp and got to love on my sweet niece! She's almost 4 months now!!

We made so much progress in the bathroom!! We finally got the granite and glass installed. This pic was after my first shower in the new amazing shower! :) More info/pics to come.

House of Shep has been keeping me busy too. This is GREAT news! :) Here are some sanitizer bottles I've been working on.

Chris hurt his knee (we think while playing his crazy long baseball game) and has been doing physical therapy to appease the doc. He tore his meniscus many years ago, had surgery and hasn't had any problems since...and this is similar pain. We are waiting for the doc to FINALLY order an MRI. We are hoping for next week!

We are playing in a summer kickball league on a team with the college small group we lead! I was at camp the first week, it got rained out last tonight will be my debut. If I'm honest...I'm nervous!! haha I do NOT play sports. I'm really even sure I know HOW to play kickball. We will see!  Our team name is "That's How We Roll" and we had sweet shirts made!

Ok I'm sure there is more...but that's all I have for you today.
Happy Wednesday! :)


Emily said...

Sure sounds like yuo guys have been busy! I love the hand sanitizer bottles-SO cute!

Meghan said...

I could live in your shower - it's amazing!

Holly said...

I love those hand santisier bottles! :)

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