Friday, August 6, 2010

pine cove outback

This post is long overdue... I was the camp nurse for Pine Cove Outback (in Columbus, TX)
this summer for week 4 of camp. It was June 20-26 and the camp had about 220 3rd-9th graders.

I had a BLAST.

The nursing part of it was very different than what I am used to in the hospital, but my health assistants were wonderful and by the middle of the week I felt much more confident and had the hang of things.

Here's the sign outside the clinic.
This was one of my silly health assistants, and you can see some of the clinic around her.
This room held all of the medications.
Med cabinet!
my quarters...I was expecting to sleep in a bunk bed with a sleeping bag, so this was a wonderful surprise. I even had my own bathroom.
It was a great experience and I believe it helped in making me a more well-rounded nurse. I look forward to being a camp nurse again next year!

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