Saturday, July 31, 2010

one year older

As most of you know, I turned 23 yesterday. I was very blessed to be able to celebrate with Chris all day. It was a great, laid back day, and began by sleeping in.

We went and saw Charlie St. Cloud. We were a little skeptical because Zac Efron is the main character and weren't sure if it would be too "Disney." I loved it! I think Zac Efron is actually a really good actor and has made
a good name for himself outside of High School Musical.

We also spent some time walking around the mall and running a few errands.
For dinner we went to a new place I'd been wanting to try called Ken Martin's Safari Grille. The service wasn't great and the food was worse. The company was great! :) But..let's just say we won't be going back.

Overall it was a great day! I'm also looking forward to having some friends over tonight to have dinner and cake. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

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