Saturday, April 9, 2011

National Champions!

I'm sure you've heard by now that the Aggie Women's Basketball team won the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! (If not, WHERE have you been hiding???)

After the game last Sunday night that sent them to the Championship game, Chris decided he was GOING to Indy.
So that's exactly what he did.
He and our friend, Hayden left at 11pm on Monday night and drove the entire 15 hours that it takes to get to Indianapolis, attended the game, cheered the team to a victory, immediately turned around and drove 15 hours back home. Craziness if you ask me. Just one of the reasons I love my husband!

I sooo wanted to be there, but I had to work...bummer. So, here are some pictures from their time in Indy.

Also, the local news station caught wind of Chris and Hayden's journey and got them on the news. Be sure to watch the video in the top right corner.

Here are a few from the welcome home celebration the day after the game.

Does that say NATIONAL CHAMPION??? Heck yes!
This is the Aggie's first time to ever make the final four, national championship and of course, hold the title of National Champions. So it's kind of a BIG DEAL!

People are selling NC apparel like crazy, ads all over the place, Chris even talked about getting a tat of the team! (Just kidding!) Just cool to be a part of history!

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Lauren said...

My mom sent me the link of the news clip about Chris! (she herself is an Aggie grad) That is awesome. So glad he took pictures for you to share!!

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