Friday, October 28, 2011


As I was sitting in bible study Wednesday night, I read over a word on our study guide I have never seen typed out before.

prima donna.

After reading it to myself several times, reality struck me.

Yall, I thought this word was PRE-MADONNA. For real. 
I didn't really understand why people would say that, but maybe people were princesses and stuff before Madonna? #iknowitdoesntmakeanysense

I'm still trying to convince myself that is how you really spell it. And that it's not a phrase about a time before Madonna. Weird.

This is similar to the way I felt when I found out (in the past few years) that an ArmadillO was actually not pronounced ArmadillA (a sounds like uh). AND there's no such thing as a possum. It's an opossum. 

Man. They should really teach these things in school.


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