Monday, October 17, 2011

winner winner chicken dinner

Chris and I don't win things very often. 
I can remember winning a CD once from the local Christian radio station when I was a teenager. I did win a Carmex gift set from blog giveaway a few weeks ago, so that's something. 

Last week there was a local raffle to raise money for Mercy Project. Towards the end of the contest, the founder of MP said that it hadn't had a great response so everyone's chances were pretty good to win. 
Well, on a whim, Chris bought $105 worth of tickets. (which equaled 7 entries because they were $15 each)
This wasn't just any 'dinner-for-two' or 'tickets-to-a-football-game' kind of raffle. It was big-ticket-item raffle! 

Still with me? Good.
So...Chris got a phone call Monday night saying we had WON the raffle! We could NOT believe it!!! 

Wanna know what we won?

You sure?


For real. Still can't believe it.

I grew up with a full sized bed, and this is what I had until Chris and I got married. Chris had a queen, so that's what we've slept on for 2 years. When we went on our honeymoon cruise, we slept in a King sized bed and it was glor.i.ous. Not that Chris and I don't love sleeping next to each other...we just both love our space.
This means we also didn't have a frame/bed for this mattress. Think that made us change our mind? Heck no! 
We paid $70 (bed frame) + $105 (raffle tickets) for a $3500 mattress set! And with the tax we WOULD have is about a $3800 value! So..we made it work!
We moved our queen bed into the guest bedroom. (which my 6'2" dad is very happy about!) And the full bed that WAS in the guest bedroom is now propped up against the wall in the office. 

This was our queen bed setup (pic taken Dec '10)

This is our new special-amazing-dreamy bed! 
Scout approves :)

I sink!

It happened so fast that I really didn't even have a chance to research about this mattress, but I hear they are Tempur-Pedic's best seller. Chris tested it out the first two nights because I had to work, but we both slept on it the past 3 nights..and...I think we'll keep it. ;)
It's uhhhh-mazing! 
It's definitely different, so it'll take some getting used to, but we are okay with that!

Now...we are going to have to find or make some kind of headboard...or bed or something!
Here are a couple ideas that I love from Pinterest for headboards!
pinned here

pinned here

We aren't in a huge hurry to get something up, so we might just save our money for a bed with a head and/or foot board. 

Anyways, I'll update again after a few more weeks of sleeping on it. :)
Anyone else have a Tempur-Pedic bed?

Oh, and don't hate us for winning. It might never ever happen again!


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