Monday, August 29, 2011

730 days

I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4

Today we celebrate 2 years of being married! The time has flown by.
The Lord has blessed us so much in our time together. I loove living life with Chris and I pray that God will give us many many more years together! I love you Chris!

In our second year of marriage...
  • started going to Brazos Fellowship and joined a small group
  • We totaled one car and bought our Pilot
  • Chris skied for the first time during our trip to Colorado
  • Chris obtained another world record
  • I got PALS (pediatric advanced life support) certified at work
  • Chris joined the worship team at BF
  • We were a part of Chris' sister's wedding
  • I started my Etsy store
  • Overhauled the flowerbeds (although they are all dead now due to our heatwave summer)
  • Chris celebrated his 29th birthday
  • Chris got to work for ESPN at a post-season softball game
  • We served together in Uganda
  • We got the news that we will meet our first niece or nephew on my side in March 2012!
  • Started paying off student loans (oh joy)
  • We took a trip to NYC
  • I celebrated my 24th birthday
August 2009

July 2010

July 2011

Here are the beginnings of our love story.


Kate Egbert said...

Congrats Chris and Leisha! Glad y'all are doing so well :)

Emily @ BabyBerry said...

Congrats on 2 years of marriage to you and your husband... And on becoming PALS-certified! I worked in a PICU for 4 years and I had some of the best experiences of my life there! :) Pediatrics is wonderful! Have a great weekend!

leishashepperd said...

Thanks Emily! I imagine the PICU would be so hard. I work on Pediatrics, but we get overflow from medical and surgical aaaall the time. But I love it when we get the kids! :)

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