Friday, August 12, 2011

our journey to Uganda-more!

I have so many pictures of our time in Uganda, but it's obviously impossible to share them all. I am going to post more to facebook, so you can see them if we're friends on there. Here are a few more of my favorites though.

Here is the whole team plus Pastor Emmy! 

PCM recently purchased a lot/building that has a partially built school on it. So they are now finishing that and the students in this picture are going to attend this school! We made this our first stop after getting off the plane in Uganda. Most of these kids don't speak English yet, but they sure did have precious smiles and hugs!

A cool group photo! Chris' idea.

I just loove man and this picture.

PCM also has a huuuge lot that has produce, early stages of tilapia ponds, banana trees, different kinds of livestock. They are in the process of building a school on this lot also. This will be a boarding school for close to 200 children. This calf is one that is out there on that land. 

The children love candy. They don't get it very often because it's kind of expensive there. But the children know that the Mzungu (white person) have candy! They say "sweet-ees". In this picture we had stopped at Pastor Emmy's house long enough to draw a crowd! The children think we are little candy machines I think! They stuck their hands the van say "Sweet-ees?!?!?!?" 

Here is a naked baby! Just had to get a picture. It's weird to think about...they don't have diapers. Of course they can use "cloth" as diapers, but most of the kids we saw just didn't have anything on. 
Here is the "choir" singing on top of the mountain. I could listen to this over and over and over.

Chris serving lunch. Beans and Ugali. The kids eat 100% with their hands. One of the groups got the kids ice cream one time and they didn't know what to do with the little wooden spoon it came with. The ministry has bought them utensils before, but with so many children, it just works better for them just to use their hands.

Please tell me you think this kid sounds JUST like a goat. Because I sure do.

Such sweet faces. :)

I'll have one more post tomorrow about saying goodbye. Here are my other posts if you've missed them. Ibanda, Rweimikoma, Mbarara.

Some of you may be wondering why the girls don't have hair. I asked this question while I was there also. At Mbarara, the boarders are required to keep their hair short just because it takes so much time to fix when it gets long. If you see some kids with hair, it means they get ready at home, so their parent(s) fix it in the mornings. At the other 2 schools it may be for the same reason, or it may be that the dirty water (like at Rwemikoma) doesn't allow their hair to grow.

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