Saturday, August 27, 2011


Tonight we had a casual bridal shower for 2 co-workers, Kaila and Ellen. 
Kaila and I went through orientation together when we started work at the hospital. She was  my work buddy...until she moved in April. Very sad! But I'm glad she was able to come into town for a little bit today so we could love on her and Ellen.

Here's the invitation I made.

And the giftcard tree.

I spray painted the pots white and used my Silhouette for the names.

Another coworker, Kathy, cut the trees down on her property and spray painted them white. I stuck the tree into a foam block and filled the pot with river rocks from Lowes.
I love how they turned out!

I didn't reeeally think about having to transport them. I should have switched vehicles with Chris and they would have traveled better, but I didn't think about it. 
The leaves on these things were sooo fragile! If they touched anything, they fell off. So it made traveling very entertaining tricky.
I set them up with stuff behind them so they wouldn't rub as much on the seat back. This one went next to me.

And this one went in the backseat. I attempted to place things around it to keep upright. I kept my hand on it most of the ride. 

It was only 8 miles from my house to the restaurant, but it was long enough for BOTH of my trees to fall over. #doublefail 

The front one fell and when I went to pick it back up, the back one fell.
(Thankfully I was able to replace the rocks and it looked good as new!)

me and Kaila 

Ellen, me and Kaila

the tree with cards and giftcards!!

Thanks for enduring the story about my traveling trees. Can't wait for these ladies' wedding days! 


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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the pots that you made!! They are so cute!!!

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