Tuesday, August 23, 2011

snips and snails and puppy dog tails

...that's what little boys are made of!

We kept both of our nephews this weekend while Jenn and Paul celebrated their anniversary.  My parents were also in town because my youngest sister, Becca, moved back to College Station. We kept the boys very busy and had a blast! In May we kept Kaden for a few nights, but this time we got both of them! Kaden will be 4 in November and Kai is 18 months. 

When we woke up Friday morning we headed to Target to get a few essentials for the weekend. 

Then we ate at ChickFilA and came home for a nap. Kaden was so excited to eat and rest because he knew after he did both of those things he got to play on the water slide! (aka, slip 'n slide)

Ready to go!

Chris was a great uncle and got out there and did the slip n slide with them. He had some bruises to prove it. I even did it a few times!

After slip n slide and dinner, my mom and I took them to the park by our house. I had no idea there was a park so close. I could see one from the street but it was behind an elementary school so I just assumed it was part of the school. But this is a city park with several play sets, tennis courts, basketball court, swings. Very cool!

Kai was very brave on the play set. He would only go down the slide with me though.

Kaden makes friends very easily and I saw this firsthand at the park. There was a 10-year-old boy he called "friend" and they played together the whole time. 

Funny story...Kaden can't say his L's, so my name is "Wei." While we were playing he had said my name several times. "Wei, look at me." "Help me, Wei." You get the idea. Well K told the boy he was playing with that he couldn't get down from whatever he was playing on and the FRIEND say, "Ask Wei, she'll help you." I thought this was so cute and hilarious. I don't mind being Wei. :)

Kai LOVED the swing!!

We took Scout along and he had fun too!
Kaden went with Chris to do his Insanity workout while we put Kai to bed. 
On Saturday we got up and they drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. Kaden played "Hop-cotch" (as he called it). 
Then after lunch and nap we went to my sister's and swam in their pool. 

Oh man I love these baby blues.
I didn't get any pictures of them actually swimming. We had picked up floaties for each of them and they were fearless in the pool! Thankfully Chris and I were both able to swim with them, so we each had one.

Then we came home, ate dinner and had more slip n slide time! This time Uncle Chris oiled it up a little with some cooking oil.

I think Kai finally figured out that he had a ton of trouble getting up, but he could roll and move where he wanted to go!  And you'll also notice his swimmer diaper is on its way off his bottom...yeah, it eventually came off. Guess those things are more effective when they actually wear a swimsuit. Now I know.

Kaden got to help make homemade ice cream! It was DELICIOUS!! It takes about 15-20 minutes and he sat in a stool and watched it the whole time.

At some point during the evening the boys were getting restless and I know they like to dance, so I turned on the dance music channel on the TV and they definitely danced!

Sunday morning we went to church

After lunch and nap Chris and I met Jenn and Paul halfway to give them back their kiddos. We had so much fun with them. It was a challenge at times with two of them instead of one. And we had to wake up a little earlier than we are used to, but we sure enjoyed having them. :)

A few things I (re)learned over the weekend...
  • I am reeeally out of shape
  • taking care of 2 kids is very different than 1
  • I love our nephews! 
  • Chris is going to be such a great dad someday :)

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