Sunday, August 14, 2011

a few days in London

We ended our trip to Uganda with a 3 night "layover" in London. The rest of the team stayed 1 night, so we went around and saw all the famous London sites. And that night I forgot my camera. Go me. But I stole this one so I can at least prove I was there and I saw Buckingham Palace! 

The first night we did a TON of walking. And at some point towards the end of the evening I tweaked my knee. So, since I'm a sissy, our walking was pretty limited on Saturday because my knee was HURTING! But we did get to spend some time around Picadilly Circus. 

That included M&M World. Umm...SO COOL!! It's 4 stories of all things M&M.

26 different colors and about 50 different dispensers!

Seriously. This is SO clever!

These were employees that stand back there and literally, mix the M&Ms.(as people like me watch them!) What a job.

Since 4th of July was only a few days away, this party store was celebrating with America. Is it really okay for England to celebrate our independence from them?

One thing we knew we wanted to do while we were in London was go to church at Hillsong London. They have church in Dominion Theatre and it was AMAZING!
We went to the 1pm service, afterwards, went next door and ate lunch and then went back to the 3:30pm service!

Smallest, most ridiculous roller suitcase, ever?

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