Saturday, August 13, 2011

our journey to Uganda-saying goodbye

Saying goodbye was HARD! I did not want to leave these precious people. They have absolutely made an imprint in my heart and I will always take them with me.

This is sweet Grace. She is Pastor Emmy's daughter and she holds so much of this ministry together. She is responsible for the Ugandan side of child sponsorship, knows so many of the children by name, visits each school several times a month and much more. She has such a pure heart and loved on each of us in a special way. I did teach her the word "sassy" when I told her she is sassy! She's half American, for sure! 
She even told us when she gets married she wants to have only white bridesmaids and African groomsmen. This made us all laugh!

We went to the Mbarara school for about 40 minutes before we headed out of town. The children sang for us a few more times, prayed for us, then gave each of us hugs again.
This boy was visibly torn about us leaving. The tears broke my heart.

Ellen and Jackline saying their goodbyes. They were both crying.

They are singing Thank You Jesus and then Jude prays for us.

Here is another excerpt from my blog post on PCM's site.
They care about and love us so deeply.  We went there to teach them and love on them, but I believe they did that even more for us. God formed a very unique connection between my heart and theirs during our time there. I will come home with a greater knowledge of what it looks like to truly love, as I have seen it firsthand. I am so grateful that the Lord gave me the opportunity to witness their simple lives and strong faith. I pray that my life will reflect the same faith and love that I’ve seen in Uganda.

This child had huuge crocodile tears while he was blowing us kisses and waving. sigh. I wish I could back this instant and give him an enourmous hug!

After that emotional goodbye, we drove a ways and stopped at the equator. 

Two places at once!

Did you know your body weight is 3% less on the equator? YES!

We watched a presentation of water draining. It was fascinating, really! They had 3 water pans set up, one on the equator and one on each side of the equator. The water drains differently on each of them. It spins opposite ways on either side of the equator, and on the equator it just drains straight down. Very cool!

Here is PCM's blog post on this day

That concludes our trip to Uganda. Thanks for reading what I had to say. God was very real on this journey and I pray that he will continue to use me at home to glorify Him. Tomorrow I'll post about our post-Uganda vacation stay in London.

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