Saturday, August 20, 2011

our week in review

Life has been fast the past few weeks. Since returning from Uganda, we have been going going going. In the 31 days of July, we were home for 15 of them and I worked 12 of those!

I got a new phone for my birthday from the hubs and I've been messing with it trying to get it set up with way I want it. I LOVE it. It is a huge upgrade from my PalmPre.

Chris has been doing Insanity with Hayden and has already seen results from it! He says it's definitely a beatdown but feels good to work out.

Here is our sweet (2 year old) puppy, Scout

Saturday night we went bowling with our friends Hayden, Olivia and Ella. Olivia is someone we met at church and she and I really clicked. Unfortunately, she and her husband, Chris, moved to west Texas this week. Olivia and their baby girl, Ella, came bowling with us. 

Right before we left the bowling alley turned on the black lights. Here is Ella glowing! I wish I had taken one of her in the light too so you could see her precious face!

On Sunday afternoon we took some time to relax. Love this picture :)

The rest of the week went by quickly because I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

When I woke up Thursday afternoon I got my hair cut and then my parents were in. My youngest sister, Becca, moved back to College Station for school this weekend, so they came in to do that and spend some time with us. THEN, Thursday night I went and picked up our nephews!! We are keeping them this weekend while Jenn and Paul celebrate their anniversary. 

We had a FULL day today with lots of fun. But my goodness, I am tired!
I will post about all of our fun after we send them back home.

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