Saturday, December 11, 2010

another one bites the dust

We had an eventful day.

Chris (and Scout) spent the last 4 days in Longview at my parent's house helping them paint the house. (I had to stay and hold the fort down in CS.) On the WAY to Longview on Tuesday he had two flat tires and a trashed rim. Soo...on Wednesday he got 4 new rims and 3 new tires put on the car...

Then...he was making his way home, after a very tiring and successful few days painting. When I knew he was pretty close to being home today, he called and said he had just broadsided a car and to come get Scout.

Soo...praise the Lord that it happened only about 10 minutes from our house. I don't know what most people would think of when they hear "broadsided"....but I was not thinking of what actually happened!

This is what I showed up to....

So I got Scout safely in my car in his crate and we moved most the stuff from Chris' car to mine. Then we waited for the police to show up.

You may be wondering, "What the heck happened?!"
Well, I'll try to SHOW you. (bare with me. picture NOT drawn to scale... since chris asked why HIS "little car" was bigger than other man's truck. he didn't lose his sense of humor! )

Chris was driving on the main road and was approaching a blinking yellow light.
There was a van stopped in FRONT of "other man's" car (not drawn) and went through the stop sign, cutting it close and forcing Chris to slow down some. Then "other man" decided to come through the stop sign also. Except it wasn't cutting it close, since Chris t-boned him. Chris said he was going about 40mph when he hit him.
Thank the Lord he hit a few inches past the "other man's" passenger side door since there was a passenger in that truck.
I'll leave you with my professional drawing and the rest of the pictures of our car and "other man's" truck.....



Dark picture taken with my phone. Yes, That is Chris directing traffic.

Nice shiny new wheels and tires huh?!

That is NOT blood. Just a Sonic slushy.

"other man's" truck.

Goodbye our little Altima. You were a great friend to us. (such nice, sparkly wheels...they'll be the talk of the tow lot!)

Chris showing off his battle scar. We think it's a scratch/burn from the airbag. His other arm has lots of red marks from airbag burns. But, so thankful for those airbags. (and for wearing his seatbelt!)

Happy to have my husband home! Thankful he's in one piece. As far as we know he has that abrasion and muscle soreness. Scout's ok too, in case you were wondering.

Now we will most likely be looking for a new car! (we expect it to be totaled)


prycer said...

Glad you're OK buddy!

Those drawings aren't from the police are they?

Dana said...

Glad he & everyone else are ok!!

Mallory said...

Wow! That is horrible! I'm so glad everyone is ok.

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