Tuesday, December 14, 2010

now we're cooking with gas

We got a new toy!

We got a grill!!
I'm excited to cook up something on it. Probably won't get to try it out until this weekend, but I bet it will be tasty!

We bought it at Home Depot and were thinking it WOULD fit in the car. (Chris' rent car is a Ford Fusion, so that's what we were in.) Well, we got it out into the parking lot and quickly realized it was NOT going to fit in his car.

So...Chris called up his buddy that drives an SUV and he went and switched cars long enough to haul the grill box home...while I waited on the curb with a huge box. :D

We're looking at buying an SUV after the insurance settlement on the Altima, so we won't have to worry about that next time.


jbcmom said...


Hayden said...

Im so glad I was mentioned as the "buddy" haha!

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