Thursday, March 17, 2011

trip to tyler

This week is Chris' spring break, so we took an overnight trip up to Tyler. It was a nice little break and good to see some people we miss!

I know I've mentioned a little on how much Scout loves his momma. But here are some pictures to further prove this. Chris laid down all th
e seats in the back of our Pilot and laid down and watched a movie on the way there and back. Scout insisted on being IN MY LAP. Even though I was driving. I DO know how to say no, but he wasn't really bothering me (until my butt fell asleep!) so he slept in my lap the whole way there and part of the way back.

And Chris' back seat...
Now Scout changed postions and PASSED OUT. He was sleeping hard!

We went to bible study at Ellen's house on Tuesday night and on Wednesday I went and had lunch with Mary Claire at school while Chris was saying hi and taking care of a few things at TJC. I hadn't seen MC in about 15 months and wow had she grown! Here's a picture of her from Aug '07. She's be 7 next month. Wow how time flies!

She made me this surprise. :) Makes my heart smile.

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Elizabeth said...

I was in Tyler too this past weekend but we left on Monday! Mary Claire has GROWN!! I haven't seen her in forever!!!

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