Monday, March 14, 2011

don't ring doorbell

Here's my newest project.
Since I work nights, I have often been woken up by the doorbell ringing while I'm sleeping. A few months ago, I was expecting a package and put a note out to not ring the doorbell and it stayed out there until now. It's been great and allowed me to stay asleep many times!
This sign replaced my handwritten post-it note.

I got the board from Hobby Lobby. I painted it and then used my Silhouette to cut the words.

Side note: I recently got some vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and it is GREAT quality. I cut the "thank you" with my Silhouette branded vinyl and it wouldn't come off the sheet right when I cut that small. I stuck the EV vinyl in there and it cut BEAUTIFULLY!


Elizabeth said...

LOVE this!!! Super cute Leisha!!!

Shelly said...

OK Leisha: Email me and tell me how much you would charge. Just for the vinyl - I can get the same thing from hobby lobby and paint it so that it's cheaper to ship. Thanks! I may order a couple for friends, too :)

Michelle said...

I need one of these! My doorbell was broke the entire time I was growing up so now that I have my own house I HATE when people ring the bell. It scares me lol.

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