Saturday, March 12, 2011

baby shower

One of my coworkers, Robin is due in May and we threw a baby shower for her and "Gracie". We had it at the Shepperd house!

This is the diaper cake Kaila, Kelley and I made.

Here's the AMAZING cake DaRhonda made! It even tasted good!!

This is the perfect little window for a clothesline with some cute baby girl clothes. :) I made the "It's a Girl" banner with my Silhouette. (Shout out to Chris...he helped me with the banner and was a TON of help!)

Check out all of her loot spilling into the picture!
She barely looks pregnant, but she really is 31 weeks!
DaRhonda's daughter measuring Robin's baby belly.

The shower turned out GREAT! Lots of people came and Robin and Gracie got a LOT of (pink) stuff! I love hosting things, but I know Chris is glad that it doesn't look like Babies R Us threw up in our living room any more. :D

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