Wednesday, November 9, 2011

our weekend in oklahoma

We went to Oklahoma this weekend! It's about a 6 1/2 hour drive for us, so we met my parents in Dallas and drove the rest of the way together.

Here's our road trip food bag!

Friday night we got in with enough time to go eat and play cards in the hotel lobby.

Then Saturday was GAME DAY! A&M vs. OU.

It was forecasted that it would be in the 60's on Saturday. Except there was 10-20mph winds. With the windchill, it was not in the 60's!! It was COLD! It wouldn't have been bad if we had dressed for cold weather, but I dressed for high 60 degree weather!
So I was wrapped up in this blanket pretty much the whole day.

my parents :)

Because it was so cold, we didn't take very many pictures for fear of our hands freezing! #dramatic
The tailgate we went to had 2 cooked hogs. 

And A&M no pictures the rest of Saturday.

Chris on the way home Sunday. We laid out our couch cushions this time because I worked Thursday night and slept on the way Friday morning.

Even though it was a loss for the Aggies, we had a fun weekend! 
I'll be back tomorrow to share a first that we experienced while we were there....

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