Tuesday, November 8, 2011

my favorite things: october edition

I'm a few days late on my favorites this month...but here they are!

Guys' razors are just better than girls'. Hands down. 
I used Chris' razor in the shower once when I didn't have mine. Then I just kept using it. It was amazing. Uuuntil Chris found out. Apparently it's gross for him to shave his face with the same blade that shaved my legs! 
Who knew??
So he bought me my own! Yall, it's the BEST. I like it because the battery weights it well and it vibrates, which apparently gives you a better shave? We ran out of razors a few weeks ago, and in efforts to save money I used one of the disposable razors I already had. I cut myself like FOUR times. It was painful!
The Fusion Proglide does NOT cut! (unless you get crazy around your ankles/knees)
  Anyways, get one! It will change your shaving life! (important stuff on the blog today!)

With some recent money changes involving the name 'Dave Ramsey' affecting our finances this past month, I have used mint.com a LOT! 
In case you're unfamiliar with Mint, it's a free web-based personal financial management service. You can sync ALL your money accounts and keep track of budgets, transactions, categories, goals, etc. That's awesome, right?
Well it gets better! They have a mobile app!
(this is NOT my account...just one that I found in google)
It's super convenient to see how we are with our budgets and recent transactions.
Helps keep me on track with what I'm spending.

This is definitely not a new love, but I've used it quite a bit this month and LOVE it!
My BFF's Megan and Alyssa both live far away. :( But with Skype we found we can three-way voice chat, so it's been GREAT catching up and giggling like we are in middle school. 
(Chris usually stays away when he hears this! hehee)

Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Fudge Brownies & Gobs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
I only had ONE pint of this stuff. But oh man I could eat more! 
Unfortunately it's a little pricey, but it was a nice treat to have for a special time.

I'm linking up with Katie with my favorites! 
Come back for more next month!

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