Monday, July 25, 2011

our journey to Uganda

Well... in the last month, Chris and I have traveled to Uganda and most of you know. I've sat down many times to blog about it, but just felt like I didn't have to right words. So many emotions were involved in this trip, so many hugs, so many faces will forever be etched in my heart. How in the world do I portray my feelings into this little blog?? My husband is the one who is great with words and writing, not ME! But here I am. We've been back 3 weeks and now I will attempt to show you our journey to Uganda.

Chris did most of the blog while we were gone, so you can hear his thoughts and his heart at PCM's blog. So as I spend the next 2 weeks recapping our trip, I'll link to the specific PCM blog posts.

So here we go...
Stay tuned!

This will be the first of several videos. The way these children worship is incredible. This is them singing for us right before we had to leave to come home. 

Here are my posts from our time in Uganda
saying goodbye

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