Thursday, July 21, 2011

eat your own food!

As I was reading The Blessed Life by Robert Morris a few days ago and came to a part I thought I should share. Please tell me someone else can relate to this!

The book is about being obedient to God with your money. This particular chapter was about our selfish hearts; how selfishness is deeply rooted in each of us. He takes a lighthearted look at it and says that this explains why a woman assumes her man will be more than happy to share his food.

This dynamic plays out thousands of times each day in fast-food drive-throughs across this great land of ours.

A husband and wife drive up to the menu speaker and hear, "Welcome to Burger Circus. May I take your order?" The husband leans out the window and, talking quite a bit louder than necessary, says, "Yeah, I'd like a double cheeseburger and some french fries and a coke."

He then turns to his wife and asks, "What would you like dear?" And what does she say? "Oh, I don't want anything. I'll just have some of yours." Some of mine, the man thinks. Doesn't she understand that "mine is...well...mine? I ordered the amount of food that I wanted to eat!

Of course, the man doesn't actually say any of this. Instead he says sweetly, "Honey, if you want something, I'll order it for you. If you want some fries, I'll get you some fries." "No, no," she says, "I'm not really hungry." Of course, the husband knows that at least half of his fries are as good as gone.

That is US. Chris and I have totally had THIS conversation! But usually, when I think I'm not hungry and say I'm going to eat some of Chris', after we get our food my stomach gets very hungry for whatever it is he ordered! Sometimes Chris will order things he knows I don't like just so he knows he'll actually get to eat. Smart man. :)


The Cherrys said...

I think this is because women don’t want the guilt of knowing that they just ordered something extremely unhealthy. So if they just nipple off their hubby’s food then they feel like they did not order anything bad that day. :) Guilty! Not every woman would want to brag about ordering fries and a cheese burger. Thanks for sharing the story.

Paula said...

LOVE this blog! I do the exact same thing ALL the time with my hubby! It's not till his food comes that I realize I am starving : )

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