Friday, January 7, 2011

garage makeover

Our garage is tight.
Not a "cool" tight, a "very small" tight.
We were able to fit the Altima and Mazda in there with little room to spare.
Well now that the Altima is gone, we were resigned to the idea of having an SUV parked in the driveway and the Mazda parked in the garage.

With the purchase of our new, bigger SUV (I'll post about that later), we were excited to find that both the vehicles fit in the garage at the same time!
Now we reeeally had to get this corner in our garage under control. I WISH I had a before picture. Just imagine all the stuff in these pictures just thrown up on the left shelf.

We started with buying another black shelf. Then we spent about $60 on bins, drawers, pegs, hooks, etc. So worth it!

Ignore all the newspaper racks. Those will soon be in the Maroon Weekly office and out of our garage.

Be still, my heart. This makes me so happy. I don't even know what half the tools on this are for, but I love how they're all displayed and not piled in a drawer.

TADA! This is my Mazda's corner of the garage. My car is way shorter so I fit easily with the rack at the front wall.
Scout managed to sneak in the pic. :) Like always, where I am, he is.

It's a great feeling to have that organized. No more chaos when I pull into the garage. I just may have a little bit of OCD in me. ;) (my husband might agree)

Now....on to tackle the office. That will be a bigger challenge.

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