Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas craziness

Christmas went by in a blur. I worked up until the night of the 23rd, so I slept half of Christmas Eve.

This was our year to have Christmas with the Shepperds. Chris' parents came in and stayed a few days at our house. Christmas morning we woke up at 5AM (now that I work nights it is haaaard to wake up, ESPECIALLY before the sun has) and drove to Jenn and Paul's house in South Houston so we could wake the boys up and have Christmas with them.

This was one of our gifts for Kaden. It's a crayon roll up. I remember having a Precious Moments coloring book/crayon holder when I was little that I would take to church or pretty much any other place I was expected to be quiet.

I loved it, so I tried to find something similar for Kaden. This is what I finally decided on. And it was my FIRST Etsy purchase! She didn't sell them with monogram, so I got that done separately.

Here is Kaden opening his Buzz Lightyear.

He was pretty excited :)

Now he's trying to figure out if he just broke it when he pulled Buzz Lightyear's face shield off. And Kai seems to be helping.

His new bike!

Early that afternoon, we drove to the Woodlands to have Christmas with my parents. They were at my mom's family this year, so we got to see both families!

My beautiful youngest sister, Becca.
My beautiful middle sister, Katy and her boyfriend, Cody.
How stinkin cute is she??? This is my cousin's daughter. This is Leona. Or maybe Sophia. They're twins. And obviously I can't tell them apart very well. Every time you would tell her to smile, she would pose perfectly. SOO cute.
And I THINK this is the other twin. Or maybe the same one...heck, I can't tell.
Chris was throwing her up and catching her and she LOOVED it!
our second Christmas as married people. awwwwwww. :D
reading her a book. she wasn't that interested.
my goofy wonderful family!

That's all the catching up I have for now. Chris and I are going to Colorado with some people from Tyler tomorrow until next Thursday. After that I vow to post about the Pilot, Colorado, and my new awesome amazing exciting Christmas present I got. I KNOW you can't wait.
But you must.

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