Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a little catch up

Chris and I have now been married for over a year. Sounds like a long time compared to saying how many months. The weekend before our anniversary we took a trip to dallas. We attended a wedding on Saturday and the rest of the weekend had some time to just relax and go shopping.

Here's us at the wedding.
We are very proud of our find on priceline.com. Hard to read but the room we were in is listed on the back of the door as $429/night. I know that's obviously higher than ANYONE would pay, but even online they have it listed as $159.85. We paid $55/night!!
On our way home from Dallas we stopped by the Whoop barn and got a few pictures for the cover of the Maroon Weekly. I love this!
Fast forward a week...my parents came in for the weekend because my baby sister moved to College Station to start college at Blinn. I'm very excited about her being here. My parents also brought a family friend, Addisen. She's 4, going on 20. Here we are coloring.
And the guys playing xbox.

Addi used to be TERRIFIED of dogs. Seriously, she would run screaming the other way until the dog couldn't get to her. But she gradually has warmed up to Scout and will even pick him up!
me and sweet addi jo
bath time!
wedding cake. was surprised it still tasted so good after a year!
our one picture...it took many many tries to get one of both of us smiling and not being too silly. :)

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