Friday, September 17, 2010

busy bees

Well, I'm sad that summer is really OVER. I know it has been for a few weeks, but it's time for me to accept it.

I so enjoyed spending the summer with Chris. It was his first summer in the states in 6 years! He taught a class the first summer session and a long summer session. But even with those, I got to see him a lot and have him home more than during school. Here is our calendar during July. You can compare in a minute to September.

Since school has started again...Chris is taking 9 hours of grad courses. He is TA'ing 9 hours (i think that's right) of undergrad courses. He is the editor of the Maroon Weekly. When fall softball starts he'll be the PA announcer for those games. And the list goes on. I am very proud of him how he juggles everything. On top of all that, he is a wonderful husband and is always there for me when I need him.

The past few weeks have been NUTS. School starting and getting the paper running again have been enough to keep Chris busy. I've been working 50+ hrs/wk the past few week also. I haven't picked up any overtime this week and it's the first week in a few that I haven't felt like I'm always at work. I know as we get into the swing of things the semester will smooth out and fly by. I know we are so very blessed to both have great jobs and each other. :)

Here is a glimpse at our September calendar...

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