Tuesday, March 20, 2012

have you heard?

I have some not-so-big big-to-me news!


Instagram is coming to Android!!!!

Maybe you'd already heard this, but I just heard this week and I am soo stinkin excited.

If I'm honest...I often feel left out when people say "follow me on Instagram" or tweet/facebook their Instagram pictures. I have an awesome phone, but I can't be a part of the instagram club. But soon I won't feel left out any more!! Yesss!

TIME reports that the the app is nearing completion. It was briefly flashed at SXSW this past weekend by the co-founder. They've been working on it since last August. You can read the article here.
It says the Apple app now has 27 million registered users. It also has the highest possible average user rating of five stars across nearly 400,000 reviews. WOAH!

I knooow this is so trivial, but surely some other Android-ers will be excited with me!



Alyssa said...

I'm excited we can share Instagram photos now! Except I don't take nearly as many as I should. But it's awesome. :)

tara said...

Woohoo!!! So exciting!!

Susan said...

I am ridiculously excited!!!!

Shannon B said...

I know you are SO excited!! BUT (hahaha, you knew there was going to be a butt, right?) I love, love, love the Smug Mug's Camera Awesome app SO much more. I get such great focus outta my little camera phone and it has a section for vibrance, sharpening, etc. And then it has presets, filters,textures and frames.... and A LOT of them!! www.awesomeize.com

Shannon B said...

Ok... nevermind (hanging my head in shame) it's only available for iPhone. That is incredibly dumb. Why do they do that?

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