Wednesday, January 4, 2012

my bling

I'm linking up with CMae of Happiness is for Ring Bling link up!

I loove my rings! 
We had looked at a few rings and I knew I wanted a solitare princess cut.
Chris did perfect.

Here are some shots at our wedding with our wedding bands.

I went back and forth on what to pick for a wedding band. I really liked the way the wraps looked. But..since we plan to do some short term missions I thought it would be better to have a band that I can wear by itself. I also thought I would wear the band by itself at work. (turns out I wear all three of them)
Because of that, I went with an enhancer instead. 
I love it!
{out of focus phone pictures. eek!}

This time of year (cold!) I am wishing they were soldered because they separate and slide around all over! 
{hand wrinkles are just not cute to photograph!}

Where do I keep my rings at night? On my finger!
I never take them off. Ever.
Unless my hands are getting into something dirty that might mess them up. But I know if I take them off, I will lose them. So I avoid taking them off at all. :)

Want to read about our engagement?


Emily said...

Your rings are beautiful! I take make off when I sleep (if we are at home) but if we are staying somewhere else I never take them off!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

They are so gorgeous!! I love the double bands :) I've been considering that for an anniversary present! And I'm the same way- I NEVER take my rings off...I'm way too terrified of losing them!

Alana Karl said...

your ring is gorgeous!! love the enhancer...looks so great together!

Holly said...

Your rings are beautiful!

I am so glad you found my blog! You have awesome photography skills!

Shannon B said...

Absolutely beautiful ring! And I adore your creativity and your photography skills are wonderful!

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