Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up with Jamie today for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm {loving} the new project my husband and his cousin launched this weekend, 10can. 
10dollars. 10days. 10causes. 10can.
Want to be a part of changing the world?
Buy a shirt...
For each shirt sold,10can will donate $10 to Mercy Project, who fights child slavery in Ghana.  
(check 10can out on facebook)
10can change the world!

I'm {loving} volunteering with the children's ministry at church!
I started in the toddler room this past week and am so glad to be back with children's ministry!

I'm {loving} this cute Target giftcard I got for someone this week! 
It's a water gun!

I'm {loving} that I get to see my sweet friend, Megan this weekend!
[at my Longview bridal shower, July 2009]
[we were in College Station at the same time! February 2009]
It's time for an updated picture of the two of us!

I'm {loving} pinterest!
I know I know, it's obvious. There's much to love about Pinterest. But since I haven't mentioned it on my blog yet, I'd thought I would today. 
I love it.
I've cooked a few new recipes, I've gotten tons (maybe too many) ideas for holiday decorations, gift ideas...agggh. It's an obsession! You can follow me if you need to feed your Pinterest habit.

I'm {loving} my man! 
This semester we are co-leading the college small group at church. Chris has been blessed with the gift of speaking. That's why he loves teaching, probably because he is good at it! He spoke at our first meeting last week and I was so proud! It had been a couple years since I had heard him speak/teach and I was impressed and reminded at how engaging he is when he is in front of a crowd. Just another reason I love him. :D


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