Sunday, September 11, 2011

we remember.

Ten years. 
Ten years ago I was a freshman in high school. 
On September 11, 2001 I had band first period. We had to be there pretty early to practice our drill for the football game that friday night. From what I remember, our practice wasn't going very well. Our band director stopped us and let us know there had just been a terrorist attack on the world trade center. 
on the what? 
I didn't have a clue what the world trade center was. Some of us (including me) assumed that she was telling us this to motivate us to march better with more emotion and passion because our drill was patriotic. I remember my best friend crying. Her sister lived in NYC attending NYU. (she eventually got word the her sister was okay) We went on to english for second period and watched the news the entire time. It was unreal.

 remember in the days to come, so many local businesses changed their marquees to read "God Bless America" or "United We Stand" and other patriotic phrases.
here are scrapbook pages I made in the months after the attacks.

So many songs were remixed with all sorts of audio from that day. The one I remember the most is Enrique Iglesias' song Hero. You can watch the video here.

I found this commercial recently. Very respectful. I read that it only aired once because Budweiser only wanted to pay their respects, not make a bunch of money off of it.

I read these books a few years ago and they are so good.

On September 22, 2001, the game day after the attacks, three students had organized a "Red, White and Blue-out" at A&M. Students assigned each deck a different color to wear for the game. Despite the short notice, attendees followed the instructions. Over 80k shirts were sold, which raised more than $150k for FDNY charities.

After visiting NYC this summer and hearing stories first-hand from people whose lives were personally affected from that tragic day, we've watched several documentaries and Chris read this book. It's not a book you really enjoy, but it is well researched and gives you insight into those who survived. 

And this I came across on a friend's facebook. This guy was in the Pentagon when Flight 77 crashed into it. I know it's 15 minutes long, but this guy has such a testimony. (if you can't spare 15 minutes, at least watch for 2 minutes starting at 10:02. wow)

Where were you that Tuesday morning?


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