Saturday, June 4, 2011


Only 18 more days until we leave for Uganda and I get to love on these kids!!!

This is Abia. I know you've already met her. But I thought she deserved to be seen again. :)
She is wearing the movie star sunglasses we sent her. I love the first picture of her and the kids she shared her glasses with! (She's on the far left.)
And below is the most recent picture we got from the team that is on the ground in Uganda now. I can't wait to hug her!

We have raised about 95% of what we need for the trip. We have been very blessed by people giving, buying shirts and signs and thank each of you so much! BUT, we still have $400 more to raise. So if you would like to give, please leave me a comment! It can be tax-deductible if you would like.

We got a very brief itinerary of what we'll be doing while we are in Uganda. (I know most of you don't care about our schedule, but I know our moms will!)

June 22 Fly out of Texas
June 23 arrive in London/ layover/ leave London
June 24 arrive in Entebbe/ drive to Mbarara/ visit churches on the way
June 25 time at school/ go to new land/ building projects
June 26 church/ time with kids/ church fellowship
June 27 drive to Rwemikoma/ building projects
June 28 drive to Ibanda/ building projects
June 29 time at school/ building projects/ Texas night
June 30 wildlife reserve/ drive to Entebbe/ spend the night in Entebbe
July 1 leave Uganda

Here are the items we are collecting for our team to take with us:
  • tooth brush holders
  • bar soap and plastic soap holders
  • black shoe polish
  • snacks - single serving; individually wrapped (animal crackers, cheez-its, goldfish, etc.)
  • 1 liter plastic water containers for Rwemikoma
  • travel size Bibles (OT/NT; NKJV or NIV)
Items we are able to collect by June 16th will go on our June trip. Items received after that date will be kept for future PCM trips. You can email me or comment for more information on donating!

Only 18 more days! I pray that God will continue to prepare our hearts for what he is going to do while we are there. Honestly I'm kind of nervous. Mostly because I like to think I know what to expect, but I have a feeling it's going to be very different than my experience in Kenya.

Nervous because I am terrified of speaking in front of large groups of people. (such a contrast from my public-speaking-teaching-communication-degree husband!) I have no idea if we will have to or not.

Nervous that the Lord is going to stretch me. Far. [Just being real]

Nervous that I'm not going to come home the same person.

(Also nervous that I might kidnap an African child!)

Chris and I are going to lead worship at least one night with the children. And Chris will be doing the blog the majority of the time we are there. And my parents have graciously offered their camera for me to use, so I'll be taking pictures. That is, if Chris gives it up long enough for me to use it!

I'm very excited though. If you would, please pray for us. Pray that the Lord will be very real to us in Uganda and that we will be willing to hear what He has to say and see what He has to show us.

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