Saturday, September 13, 2014

our fur baby

These are just some recent pictures of our fur baby. We love this pup!

This one from when our friend Lindsay kept him.

Next two are after our friends Bonnie and Cruz kept him. He was exhausted when he came home!

Our friends Maddie and Lindsay took him on an overnight trip to League City.

....and I got this video of my dog paddle boarding. I couldn't believe Scout stayed on the board. 

And that video was loved and talked about with our college group, so when it was time for our leadership retreat just made sense that Scout on a paddleboard with a GoPro would be the shirt. Why not?! :) They were a big hit.

We got a lot of rain a few weeks ago and he was a dirty pup!

We've caught him in Chris' chair a few times recently. He is allowed on the furniture, we had just never seen him sleeping in the La-Z-Boy!

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