Saturday, August 30, 2014

5 year anniversary trip

Chris and I celebrated FIVE years of marriage this year! Can't believe it's already been 5 years. This season of life is SOO BUSY right now, so we celebrated with an overnight stay in Austin.

We started out at Homeslice Pizza. Delicious. Would definitely recommend it.
I saw Hey Cupcake next door and HAD to have a Red Velvet with cream. Delicious.

We stayed at the Omni in downtown Austin. It was fancy!
The night we got into Austin was the same night as the A&M football opener. Chris found a place called Moviehouse & Eatery. We watched the game on a huge movie screen from electric leather chairs where we could push a button and get more food/drink. It was AWESOME! A little pricy, but totally worth it.

The next day we drove to San Marcos and shopped at the endless outlet stores for a few hours. My sweet husband said he was taking me shopping and I had a minimum amount I had to spend. He never complained and said he enjoyed himself, although he bought a few things too. ;) So glad I get to live life with that man! Here's to many many many more years!

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