Friday, February 24, 2012

baby shower - part one

If you've read my blog for a few months, you know my middle sister is pregnant. She's due in 12 days!! (but scheduled to be induced in 10 days!!) This will be our first niece and the first grandchild on my side. 
She's already spoiled. rotten. :)

A few weeks ago I helped host 2 baby showers for Katy. I have grown to really love party crafts! My Silhouette is an amazing piece of technology and it can create some pretty cute stuff!
Since I helped host both showers, they looked very similar. They had the same theme, invitations, banner, etc. So I'm showing part one - the first shower today, and will be back on Monday with the second shower.

The invite. The onesie was 3D with a popup dot.

The awesome wreath my mom and sister made!

The banner my Silhouette helped me make.
And my very-pregnant, but still-so-small sister. :)
She's 34 1/2 weeks pregnant here.

(I'm sad a lot of these pictures didn't come out very well. I was trying to use my parents' nice Canon camera on manual mode...and it looked good on the little preview screen, but most of them are out of focus or off color.)

A lot of my inspiration for this shower I found on Sarah's blog.

Amazing cake by a family friend!
Water bottles with stinkin cute labels! :)
Also found this tutorial on Sarah's blog.

Me and Katy
Mom, me, middle sister Katy, youngest sister Becca, and grandma

Katy with the bow holder I made! I'll post more on that later next week.
I love babies. I love baby clothes and bows and dolls.
Can you tell I am really excited to have a niece soon?
I'll be back on Monday with the details of the second shower!
Have a blessed weekend!

ps. Don't forget about my canvas giveaway that ends tomorrow night!


J and A said...

Amazing shower!!! Wow. So beautiful. Congrats!

Purposely at Home said...

what fun! the decorations and cake were A-MAZING!!


Kristen Danielle said...

All the details are so cute!!

I really love the gift she's holding in the last picture. Did you make that?

Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style said...

What a gorgeous shower! You did a wonderful job with all the special touches. That cake is adorable!

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