Friday, April 23, 2010

world record and ol' army cycling

Well, Chris survived his 50 hour kickball game two weekends ago. He now holds the Guiness World Record for the longest kickball game. That accomplishment also earned us a trip to the ER when he got home last Sunday night! He got home and had mentioned his foot was bothering him and then showed me the massive knot of the top of it. He agreeded that we should go get an xray. It ended up just being a really bad bruise, and got some crutches for his strained hip flexor. (Chris did mention something about wanting to trade his broken body in for a new one!!)

The two teams were named after boys that were or are in the process of being released from slavery.

Here's the kickball all the players signed.

Chris rode the MS150 this past weekend along with 13,000 other people! In case you aren't familiar with MS150, it's a 2-day bike ride from Houston to Austin to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. He rode with an A&M team called Ol' Army Cycling. Chris rode it like a champ!! I couldn't find the dock for Chris' camera, but when I do..I'll post those pictures. I'll leave you with this one.

Softball season is almost over! Only 3 more home games for Chris to announce. You can listen to him announce the line-up at the Aggies vs. Longhorns game here.

This weekend I'm in East best friend, Alyssa's wedding shower is tomorrow and then me and my sisters have a photoshoot with the amazing Alex Maldonado. You can check out his gorgeous pictures at his website.

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